Fastlane Low Kick 7 Days Production-Dapper Lane

Fastlane Low Kick 7 Days Production

The Low Kick Sneaker is now available on Fastlane, our 7-days Made-to-Order production service for single orders.

Just a quick reminder that Fastlane items are partially pre-produced in advance, and are finished in just a few days after an order is placed.

You can choose from dozens of shoe styles and customize them with lots of soles, heels, materials, shoe lasts, etc.

The Fastlane Low Kick Sneaker upper is made of white nappa leather, which cannot be modified. However, you will be able to customize (1) the sole color, (2) the laces, (3) the back heel piece, and (4) the thread color of the sole stitching.

The Low Kick is now effectively available for production through: Standard MTO (5 weeks), Fastlane MTO (7 days) and BULK (8 weeks batch production).